If You Don't Already Have A Look

The Dirtbombs, one of the greatests bands ever just look at their lineup (now up to their 17th):
-Mick Collins : The Gories, Blacktop, The Voltaire Brothers, The Sirens, and possibly a hundred other bands
-Troy Gregory : The Witches, solo
-Ko Melina : The Come Ons, Ko and The Knockouts
-Pat Pantano : The Come Ons, The Colors, The Paybacks
-Ben Blackwell : has for quite some time in The Dirtbombs, so he must be doing something good

The Dirtbombs - If You Don't Already Have A Look (disc I)
The Dirtbombs - If You Don't Already Have A Look (disc II)


First Time I Met the Blues

Another great compilation this one of Buddy Guy, one of the greatest blues guitarist of all time.

Track listing
1. First Time I Met The Blues
2. Way You Been Treating Me, The
3. Sit And Cry (The Blues)
4. This Is The End
5. Stone Crazy
6. When My Left Eye Jumps
7. My Time After While
8. Hold That Plane
9. Hello San Francisco
10. Five Long Years
11. First Time I Met The Blues
12. Man Of Many Words, A
13. T-Bone Shuffle
14. When You See The Tears From My Eyes
15. Ten Years Ago
16. Blues At My Baby's House
17. She Suits Me To A T
18. Just Teasin'

The Very Best of Buddy Guy


Big Boss Man

There's simply no sound in the blues as easily digestible, accessible, instantly recognizable, and as easy to play and sing as the music of Jimmy Reed. - AMG

One of the best compilations by any bluesman I've ever heard.

Blues Masters: The Very Best Of Jimmy Reed



The Originator of rock and roll, Bo Diddley

Bo Diddley - Bo's Blues


Hip Check!

Another great band from Detroit this album featuring Deanne Iovan on vocals (once member of The Dirtbombs, The Gore Gore Girls), Patrick Patano drums (who also plays drums for The Dirtbombs), and Jim Johnson on guitar.

The Come Ons - Hip Check


Live Yardbirds

Essential album from the british fuzz invasion, one of the best live recordings of that era

The Yardbirds - Five Live Yardbirds



Supercharger - Supercharger

After their debut Supercharger only got better and released this amazing follow-up album

Supercharger - Goes Way Out!



BBC Session recordings don't usally do much for me, but I really like this one

The Kinks - BBC Sessions Disc I
The Kinks - BBC Sessions Disc II



Over the course of seven songs, Martin Rev's dense, unnerving electronics — including a menacing synth bass, a drum machine that sounds like an idling motorcycle, and harshly hypnotic organs — and Alan Vega's ghostly, Gene Vincent-esque vocals defined the group's sound and provided the blueprints for post-punk, synth pop, and industrial rock in the process. Though those seven songs shared the same stripped-down sonic template, they also show Suicide's surprisingly wide range. The exhilarated, rebellious "Ghost Rider" and "Rocket U.S.A." capture the punk era's thrilling nihilism — albeit in an icier way than most groups expressed it — while "Cheree" and "Girl" counter the rest of the album's hard edges with a sensuality that's at once eerie and alluring. And with its retro bassline and simplistic, stylized lyrics, "Johnny" explores Suicide's affinity for '50s melodies and images, as well as their pop leanings. But none of this is adequate preparation for "Frankie Teardrop," one of the duo's definitive moments, and one of the most harrowing songs ever recorded. A ten-minute descent into the soul-crushing existence of a young factory worker, Rev's tense, repetitive rhythms and Vega's deadpan delivery and horrifying, almost inhuman screams make the song more literally and poetically political than the work of bands who wore their radical philosophies on their sleeves. - Heather Phares - AMG

Suicide - Suicide



On July 30, 1970 Hendrix gave one of his final preformances of his life, this one took place at the Haleakala Crater in Maui Hawaii. A free concert which was to be used as the closing sequence of the film Rainbow Bridge. Much of the shot performance was never used in the film and the concert itself was up until 2002 only available on bootlegs.

Jimi Hendrix - The Rainbow Bridge Concert The Early Show (disc 1)
Jimi Hendrix - The Rainbow Bridge Concert The Late Show (disc 2)


2 Star Tabernacle

Today the White Stripes 6th album Icky Thump was released, Im not going to blog it because its been blogged to death in every other music blog.
Anyways before The White Stripes, Jack White was part of a alternative country garage band, 2 Star Tabernacle along with Dan Miller (Blanche), Damian Lang (former drummer of detroit cobras), and Tracee Mae Miller (Blanche). They only ever recorded one 7'', which Ill put up some other time. for now 2 Star Tabernacle live at the Gold Dollar 1998

2 Star Tabernacle - Live at the Gold Dollar 1998


Le Garage Punk

From Montreal, a french speaking garage band that is actual pretty good

Les Breastfeeders - Les Matin De Grand Soirs

(Johnny Graveyard sorry i dont have the Scat Rag Boosters)

Shoot The Curl

the best single disc surf complilation out there, with all the best surf guitarists, it manages to do what many other collections have tried with only 18 tracks.

Guitar Play Presents Legends of Surf Guitar

the name of the compliation says it all

Dick Dale - King Of Surf Guitar

one of my favorite surf revival bands

The Phantom Surfers - Play the Music From The Big Screen Spectaculars!



two garage psych albums from two great compliation series

From Pebbles, The Acid Gallery, vol.3

Pebbles Vol. 3 The Acid Gallery

From the dose series, An Overdose of Heavy Psych - my favorite from this series

An Overdose of Heavy Psych

Be A Caveman

This collection is the best 80s garage revival introduction there is, and may be the only thing from this garage revival you will need. good tracks on here but outside of this collection you wont find to much to be excited about

Be A Caveman: The Best Of The Voxx Garage Revival


Is Is

sort of garage right?? no? anyways new EP by YYYs

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Is Is EP


Mick Collins

Detroit rock god, Mick Collins is probably one of the greatest and most important figures in rock n roll, at least to me he is. Here are his three greatest projects The Gories, Blacktop, and The Dirtbombs

The Gories - I Know You Be Houserockin'

Blacktop - I Got A Baaad Feelin' About This

The Dirtbombs - Ultraglide In Black


From Japan

The Pebbles - fun, upbeat, 50s style rock n roll
Lulu's Marble - doesn’t get better, or wilder, or crazier than this
The's - you might remember their appearence in Kill Bill vol. 1.

The Pebbles - First Album

Lulu's Marble - Afro Girl

The's - The's


Montreal Garage Punk!

Les Sexareenos - energy driven punk rockers from Montreal. What they lack in talent they make up by blasting frantic energy garage punk, but who ever said you needed to
be talented to be in a kick ass garage band?

Les Sexareenos - Live! In the Bed

The Del-Gators - A retro garage mixture of R&B. My favorite garage band from Montreal composing of 6 members, 2 who are also part of Les Sexareenos.

The Del-Gators - Pound Down