Entertainment! is one of those records where germs of influence can be traced through many genres and countless bands, both favorably and unfavorably. From groups whose awareness of genealogy spreads wide enough to openly acknowledge Gang of Four's influence (Fugazi, Rage Against the Machine), to those not in touch with their ancestry enough to realize it (rap-metal, some indie rock) — all have appropriated elements of their forefathers' trailblazing contribution. Its vaguely funky rhythmic twitch, its pungent, pointillistic guitar stoccados, and its spoken/shouted vocals have all been picked up by many.-AMG

Gang of Four - Entertainment!


Sonic Boom

The most overlooked and under-rated band in the history of Rock n Roll

The Sonics - Here Are The Sonics!

The Sonics - The Sonics Boom



Jay Reatard and his band from Memphis Tennessee.
Chaotic, relentless, explosive rock’n'roll!

The Reatards - Not Fucked Enough


Link Wray

The original guitar hero Link Wray. This comp. includes some of his best known hits: Hidden Charms, Fat Back, I'm Branded, Run Chicken Run, and of course Rumble.

Link Wray & The WrayMen - Early Recordings



68 Comeback

Packed to the brim with 24 tracks of prime high-energy lo-fi rock & roll, Golden Rogues Collection captures '68 Comeback's first year of recorded existence (1993-1994) on one handy disc. All their early singles — mostly covers of rockabilly and R&B nuggets by the likes of Charlie Feathers, Jimmy Reed, and Johnny Otis and originally released by a variety of independent labels — are present and accounted for.-AMG

68' Comeback - Golden Rogues Collection


New York Dolls

"There are hints of girl group pop and more than a hint of the Rolling Stones, but The New York Dolls doesn't really sound like anything that came before it. It's hard rock with a self-conscious wit, a celebration of camp and kitsch that retains a menacing, malevolent edge." -AMG

it seems these guys are headlining the fest

New York Dolls - New York Dolls


Part IV

Philadelphia indie pop act Dr. Dog is part of a long tradition of D.I.Y. pop oddballs who blend unapologetic '60s pop worship with lo-fi recording techniques and a complete disregard of current trends.- AMG

While that might not give you the impression of a great band, they really are. We All Belong is one of the best albums of 2007 thus far.

Dr. Dog - We All Belong

Indie rockers from Colombia, MO.
I have yet to make a full decision on whether or not I like this band.

White Rabbits - Fort Nightly



Not just another cover band, but the only cover band that matters. They have made a name for themselves being just that. They take the old standard and create something that gives justice to the original. I hope I get to see some of their set seeing as they are playing almost simultaneous to The Black Lips.
re-up (11.21.09)
The Detroit Cobras - Tied & True


Part II

"Believe the hype: Maya Arulpragasam will save modern music."

true statement about MIA

M.I.A. - Arular

They've been described as Billie Holiday fronting the White Stripes, and while that doesn't begin to do justice to the Noisettes' originality, it's not a bad way to start talking about their sound. On their striking full-length debut, What's the Time Mr. Wolf?, the band moves from revved-up arty garage rock to soul and jazz-tinged balladry — sometimes during the course of one song — like it's on rails. This might not be the most natural, or expected, combination of sounds on paper, but for most of the album, it works amazingly well. - AMG

Noisettes - What's The Time Mr. Wolf


Black Lips!

The annual Siren Music fest at Coney Island is this Saturday, so this week Ive decided to post some of the bands/musicians Im excited to see there.

The Black Lips - These guys are practically running the garage scene right now, theyre just that good. The main band at Siren that I want to see

The Black Lips - Los Valientes Del Mundo Nuevo


Do The Milkshake

The Oblivians, a base-less band from Memphis, TN and of the best garage punk bands of the 90s. If you like stripped down, dirty, raw, sleazy Rock n Roll you love this band.

The Oblivians - Popular Favorites



The Black Keys' Ep of Junior Kimbrough covers.

The Black Keys - Chulahoma


More Gore

Get The Gore, the new album from the Gore Gore Girls. A great album with an awsome cover, a few songs you probably heard before, but there's plenty of great new stuff.

Gore Gore Girls - Get The Gore



From Los Angeles, Ca (not Boston, Ma), The Standells.

The Standells - Dirty Water

The Standells - The Hot One's


Hey Conductor

From Dayton, Ohio: Sonny Flaharty & The Mark V, best know for their single "Hey Conductor" which you probably heard on Pebbles vol. 14

Sonny Flaharty & The Mark V - Hey Conductor



Some more EPs this time:
--The Jet Set - garage/powerpop band from Illinois, I'm not sure if these guys are still around.
--Demolition Doll Rods - their debut 7''
--The Horrors(UK) - a lot people don't seem to give this band enough credit, they're not that bad, their album wasnt amazing but the EPs version of Jack The Ripper is much better than the one on their album and the demo track Full Moon is pretty good too
--Ape City R&B - A raunchy punk duo with cheap equipment, little or no talent, and an uncontrollable love for rock. so they must be great!
--2 Star Tabernacle - this is the only studio recording there ever did I think

The Jet Set - Lets Get Broken 7''

Demolition Doll Rods - We're The Doll Rods 7''

The Horrors (UK) - Sheena Is A Parasite EP

Ape City R&B - She's Candy Coated 7''

2 Star Tabernacle feat. Andre Williams - Ramblin Man 7''


Goober & The Peas

Rockabilly cowpunk band from Detroit, headed by Dan Miller(Blanche).
-At one point Jack White had drumming duties for the band.

The Complete Works of Goober & The Peas

The Jet-Age Genius Of Goober & The Peas


Blues Explosion

There are times when I really like this band, and there are times when I cant stand listening to them. You decide for yourself.

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Mo'Width



From Chicago, The Ponys, these 2 albums are great. Both release by In The Red Records, they recently signed and release a album through Matador Records, the new album was a let down for me so I'll leave it out for now.

The Ponys - Laced With Romance

The Ponys - Celebration Castle


Strange Girls

The Gore Gore Girls first lp. Amy Surdu, Deb Agoli, and Deanne Iovan are the Strange Girls

Gore Gore Girls - Strange Girls



The kings of budget rock, dressed in ace bandages and playing with probably the shittiest instruments they could find managed to play some of the rawest and best garage punk ever.

The Mummies - Never Been Caught

The Mummies - Tales From The Crypt

The Mummies - Death By Unga Bunga!