Cheap Time

A highly recommended band for any one into garage, powerpop, indie... doesnt matter really, just listen to it.

Upon first listen to Cheap Time’s self-titled debut on In the Red, one could be forgiven for thinking it nothing more than a good, albeit fairly ordinary garage punk record. It’s young, loud and snotty; it’s hook-filled and succinct. You get the idea. Don’t be hasty though: not only does Cheap Time pay dividends in terms of basic enjoyment with each listen, main man Jeff Novak’s skills as a songwriter and his obvious love of underground punk shine through as well.

Employing a stripped-down lineup and working within the inherently limited genre that is garage punk, Novak is still able to come up with a markedly diverse and varied set. The songs on Cheap Time run between just over a minute to just under two and a half, with finale “Trip to the Zoo” coming in at a baroque three-minutes plus. Yet everything from power pop and twee to art rock and glam can be heard (sometimes in the course of one song). Cheap Time is all over the map, while still remaining a totally fun and cohesive album.

....This is a rock record first and foremost, so just remember to play the fucker loud. The rest is all there if you want it. - Dusted Mag

Cheap Time - Cheap Time


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