Camisa De Fuerza

One of my new years resolution is to post more music. Here's my first of what I hope will be many more.

First up is an Arf!Arf! Cd sampler entitled Garageaholic, Psychedelic, Outsider Music. Includes a bunch a music for all you garageaholics out there from fuzzed out tracks like Blue Music Box by The Changin Tymes, to moody classics such as Without You by The Kings Ransom. The last 6 tracks of the comp will have you thinking wtf. The outsider portion of the sampler includes the strange sounds of James "Rebel" O'Leary , look up his music videos to get a real sense of this guy. The comp concludes with a power pop track by Route 28.

Garageaholic, Psychedelic, Outsider Music

Now for a preview of what is to come. My upcoming posts will include Latin American bands. I decided to start of with possibly the best one of all Los Saicos, we all know they're story well maybe. 1964 a bunch of guys start a band called Los Sadicos (The Sadists). However their name would often go censored, they deleted the D and went with the English pronunciation of psychos thus creating Los Saicos. They created the wildest most raw lo-fi garage rock of their time, only comparable to bands like The Sonics. However they were located all the way in Peru far from the garage rock and surf of the states or the British rock sounds of the time. They released but six singles and they they were gone.
Los Saicos - Saicos


A Christmas Gift For You

Phil Spector and Friends- A Christmas Gift For You

A Christmas classic!
Darlene Love, The Crystals, The Ronettes, and more!