Before there were Les Sexareenos, The Del Gators, The Hot Pockets, CPC Gangbangs, Smash Up Derby, King Khan & BBQ, Mark Sultan, Almighty Defenders blah blah blah.. there was The Spaceshits.

The Spaceshits - Misbehavin'

Led by Jay Jay (aka Jay Retard) and Alicja Trout (Clears, River City Tanlines), Memphis' Lost Sounds are a glorious mess of punk rock artsiness gone awry in all the right places. Their 2004 In the Red effort, simply titled Lost Sounds, is a punk rock dance party guaranteed to merrily demolish every piece of furniture in the room. But this paranoid rampage is a far cry from the faux-sexy bass'n'drum din pumped out by the likes of Death from Above 1979. "Those things they put inside me/ You know they make me nervous," wails Jay through a cacophonous din of twitchy surf guitars and stuttering keyboards. Elsewhere the band declares that the end of the world is, "worth a laugh." And you get the feeling they mean it.
With a pedigree that includes some of the most raucous noise outfits to emerge from the Memphis scene, the Lost Sounds avoid the traps of by-the-numbers punk or southern-flavored garage rock and instead offer up a sound that is more akin to savage disco. That being said, their adventurous sonic attack is bold and sometimes abrasive. Ample melodies are buried in the din for anyone brave enough to sift through the noise to find them. A danceable disaster, the band's chaotic post-apocalyptic new wave sound explodes from the speakers with a fuzzed-out fury that borders on collapse. Hard to categorize, the sound is something akin to Devo, Liars, Rocket from the Tombs, and the Pixies duking it out to decide who's crazier. Obnoxiously fun, the band is a likely bit of an acquired taste for most. -AllMusic

The Lost Sounds - s/t

This has to be my pick album of the year. Well maybe, I've been hooked on this band ever since I heard of them over them over the summer when they played a free show here in Philly. I can't think of a better album from any other band this past year. So for now this is the best. From the UK The Shitty Limits. The other awesome part is that they have put up all their material online for you to DL. http://theshittylimits.blogspot.com/

"Their DNA betrays an ancestry of 60s garage cavemen like The Monks and The Sonics, late-70s British punk (especially ‘Pink Flag’-era Wire) and early-80s US punk –Red Cross, say. A band of more jellified backbone might, by this point, have shepherded their tunesmith abilities into radio-ready realms for the first label offering them a living wage.The Shitty Limits are better than that, as well as being better than the vast majority of contemporary punk rock." - (N. Gardner-RockSounds)

The Shitty Limits - Beware The Limits


Anonymous said...

holy fuck, thank you so much for uploading these fine albums.

Anonymous said...

I just found this blog! I'm in heaven. keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

yesss, spaceshits! montreal is a festering sore of garage goodness.

gigiriva said...

spaceshits = one of the best bands ever

Anonymous said...

Spaceshits? Misbehavin'? Full-Fisted Action and Winter Dance Party are better!