Though there already IS a double-vinyl comp on the Australian Corduroy label, released three years ago, in an attempt to keep up with the times (which The Thanes ARE capable of, as proven with last years "Downbeat & folked up album) a shiny little, CD retrospective was tooooooo long overdue! Now this is an essential purchase, either if you?re among the ones, who got cought up in the band's web of fuzz'n'jangle after the mentioned latest release, or if you're a long time fan, longing for a portable, pocket-sized thing, that you can easily carry on your Thanesounds-spreading mission. Anyway, if you're a fan of any of the musical aspects of the mid sixties, there's no way you won't find something for you here. If it's melodic beat pop that you're after, try the jangly Farfi-sized moods of "Before I go", "Wonder if …", inspired by wonder Who, "Gone away girl","Days go slowly by", "Girls" or "Please don't go", where I'm not really sure if it's just the title that it has in common with The Eyes tune. Similar description goes to the equally jangly, but slightly folkier sounds of the-hit-that-could've-been "World of stone", "Lost and found or "Hey girl (Look what you've done)", there's also some Diddley-ridden pop of "I?ll rest", thrown in for the good measure and even some pure back-to-basics 'Stoned r'n'b of "She's a robber". Another one of The Thanes usual sides is the snotty Dutch-inspired freakbeat, like heard in "Antenna susprise", "Static", "Lazy bones", "That's the story of our life" or one of the highlights, "It can never be".
A perfect way to "evolve your CD collection with the Rev-Ola-utionary release by Scotland's No.2 band. - Popism

Make that Scotland's number 1 band. I was fortunate enough to see them at last years Cavestomp and they really blew me away.

The Thanes - Evolver P1 P2



Undusting some bones; While Aerovons have a great Brit psych pop sound comparable to The Beatles, Definition will transition you into a folk pop sound, then alas, Satya Sai Maitreya Kali with some low psych that also leans toward folk.


Aerovons- Resurrection [Import] w. UK Bonus tracks


Chrysalis- Definition


Satya Sai Maitreya Kali- Apache - Soundtrack from Yosemite, dedicated to Jimi Hendrix + Inca



Run Wolf Run

First post of 2008. What better way to start of the year than with Guitar Wolf?
Well here you go, in what could be their best release to date. Their 1994 studio debut, Run Wolf Run.

Guitar Wolf - Run Wolf Run