Alright, This TIme Just The Girls

These two volumes of Alright, This Time Just The Girls brings together about 70 different female fronted bands spanning all of Sympathy's repitoire. You get a real mix from these compilations. Everything from pop-punk to garage rock, from folk to grunge its all here. Like with most compilations you will find tracks youll find yourself constantly skipping over, but theres enough good stuff to make you forget the rest. Some amazing bands can be found here such as The Detriot Cobras,'s, The Pebbles, The Come Ons, Thee Headcoatees, Mr Airplane Man, Holly Golightly, April March and so on. Not just for the girls.

Disc 1:
1. The Muffs - I Don't Like You
2. Banana Erectors - Fed Up With Highschool Days
3. The Grown Ups - Nick And Nick
4. The Detroit Cobras - I'll Keep Holding On
5. Candypants - Dishy
6. The Friggs - Shake
7. Supersnazz - Baby Love
8. The Chubbies - When I Was Your Girlfriend
9. Sacred Miracle Cave - The Ghost Of Elizabeth Shaw
10. The Barbarellas - Happy Days
11. Lunachicks - Shit Finger Dick
12. The Eyeliners - Six Years
13. Lo-Hi - Put A Sock In It
14. Holly Golightly - Anyway You Like It
15. April March - Cet Air-La
16. Buck - My Fascination
17. Hole - Retard Girl
18. The Bags - Survive
19. Starpower - I'm Sorry
20. The Revillos -Your Baby's Gone
21. April March/Makers - Sad Little Bug
22. The Neptunas - Davy Jones Liquor Locker
23. The Red Aunts - Terri Man
24. Calamity Jane - My Spit

Disc 2:
1. The Shitbirds - I Want You
2. The's - Bomb The Twist
3. Trinket - Happy Right This Second
4. Fur - I'm Not Coming
5. Thee Headcoatees - Ca Plane Pour Moi
6. The Haves - Coal Black
7. The Trip - Help Me
8. Inger Lorre/Motel Shootout - Burn
9. The Geraldine Fibbers - Toybox
10. Phenobarbidols - Theresa
11. Third Grade Teacher - Fear Of A Boy
12. Free Kitten - Oh Bondage Up Yours
13. The Stool Pigeons - I'm Into Something Good
14. April March/Los Cincos - Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind
15. The Cougars - Brain Cactus
16. The Honeymoon Killers - Mad Woman Blues
17. Electrocutes - Eggnog
18. Dark Carnival - Heaven Can Wait
19. Little Porkchop - Mean, Mean Man
20. The Pebbles - Sitting By A Window
21. Earl Lee Grace - Together
22. Pussy Crush - Burn Your World Down
23. Candy 500 - Keep It In The Hole
24. Satan's Cheerleaders - I've Got Levitation

The follow up release is in my opinion superior to that of Vol. 1.

1. Downbeat 5 - Radiates That Charm
2. The Stuck Ups - Anywhere But Here
3. Tina & The Total Babes - Tongue Tied
4. A-Lines - Four
5. The Fondas - Yeah Baby
6. The Beards - My Pillow
7. Kirby Grips - Washing Machine
8. Tuuli - Tough Guys
9. Lisa Marr Experiment - Little Red Bird
10. The Detriot Cobras - Bye Bye Baby
11. The Bristols - The Way I Feel About You
12. Candy Pants - Nerdy Pants
13. Mr. Airplane Man - Lonesome Road
14. Matson Jones - A Little Bit of Arson
15. The Excessories - See Me In
16. The Chubbies - didjahhavtasaythat?
17. Miss Daringer - Corpus Christi
18. Wanda Jackson - It Happens Every Time
19. Christa DeErynn - Sweet Lies
20. Ko & The Knockouts - Go-Getter
21. Scarling - City Noise
22. The Banana Erectors - You Got That Uh UH
23. The's - It's Rainy
24. The Come Ons - Dollar In My Pocket
25. Holly Golightly - Won't Go Out
26. The Muffs - Everywhere I Go
27. Helen Love - Debbie Loves Joey
28. Real Minx - Heather Hotwheelz
29. Ludella Black - I've Just Seen A Face
30. Supersnazz - Our Favorite Feeling
Alright, This Time Just The Girls Vol. 2

Happy New Year everyone!


Acid Eater

Acid Eater - Virulent Fuzz Punk A.C.I.D. [Time Bomb 2007]

"Imagine the heaviest, most fuzzed out garage rock you've ever heard, now take that and run it through a handful of distortion pedals, a bank of Acid Mothers worthy FX, blast it through a wall of busted old Vox amps, wrap the whole thing in feedback and reverb, and suddenly you're in some alien alternate future where the world is populated exclusively by Japanese noiserock beatniks, who are constantly blasting fuzzed out walls of overblown sixties sounds from their low flying spacecraft...

Imagine if Merzbow remixed your favorite Fuzztones record, or the Stooges released records on PSF and were augmented by some insane drug addled organist with WAY too many amps. Serpentine blues rock riffs, all tangled up with thick warbling organs, the vocals a snarling distorted howl, buried in the mix, and all dubbed out, the drums a crumbling, percussive pound, somehow as in the red as the rest of the instruments, every cymbal crash swallowing up all the other sounds, but it's the riffs, and the organ, and Masonna's wild eyed vocalizing that keep this blacklight space garage party going. Not to mention the killer hooks... Virulent Fuzz Punk A.C.I.D. perfectly captures how intense and freaked out it must be to experience this sound live, super distorted, feedback everywhere, the instruments in your face, the speakers threatening to blow, sweat, blood, spit, a swirling chaotic musical melee, heavy, distorted, fuzzy and funky, wild and woolly, spaced out and gloriously gloriously noisy."



Wyld Sydes Vol. 1

1. The Conductors - She Said So
2. The Affluents - Tom's Song
3. The Kyks - Where Are You
4. The In-sex - Girls
5. The Krum - LSD
6. The Nomadds - Don't Cheat On me
7. The Riptodes - Stay With me
8. 7 Sons - If Shes Not Your Kind
9. The Interns - And I'm Glad
10. Stan Donn - Deep In Your Heart
11. The Kinetics - Your'e Gonna Miss Me
12. The Jesters - If You Love Her So
13. Fabian - About This Thing Called Love
14. The Cloudwalkers - You Never Told Me So
15. Chips & Co - Marbletown
16. The Batmen w/The Phantom Band - Linda
17. The Coachmen - To Many Reasons
18. The Blox - The Way I'm Gonna Be
19. Movement Lefy - Silently
20. The No-Mads - Liverpool Lover
21. Fred Gartner & The Farraris - A Good Girl Is A Pretty Girl
22. Frisco Mint - Which End Is Up
23. The Eggheads - (Why Don't You Stop) Fooling Around
24. The Dawn 5 - A Necessary Evil
25. The Beagles - Humpty Dumpty

Wyld Sydes Volume 1


Wyld Sydes Vol. 2

1. Half-Pint & The Fifths - Loving On Borrowed Time
2. The Chateaus - Count On me
3. Homer - I Never Cared For You
4. The Jagged Edge - You Can't Keep A Good Man Down
5. The Tempests - Looking Out The Window
6. Veil - Something;s Wrong
7. The Baskerville Hounds - Can't Take It
8. The Noblemen - Satisfied
9. Little Boy Sad - The Tidal Waves
10. Tino & The Revolons - I'm Comming Home
11. The Ceeds - Too Many People
12. The Barons - Tomorrow Never Ends
13. The Flys - Reality Composition No.1
14. The Invictas - Do It
15. The Kinetics - Bus Stop
16. The Tribu-Terry's - Leavin' To Stay
17. The What-Nots - Look Down
18. The Young Lions - We Better Get Along
19. The Nomadds - There Is No More
20. The Sultan 5 - With You
21. The Exchequers - Is There Some Girl
22. The Kan-Dells - I've Met Death
23. The Wayward 5 - Can't Get Enough Of Your Lovin
24. The Contells - Doesn't Matter At All
25. The Good Feelings - I'm Captured

Wyld Sydes Volume 2


Wyld Sydes Vol. 3

1. The Kinetics - Feeling From My Heart
2. The Jesters - Don't Try To Crawl Back
3. Gentleman Jim & The Horsemen
4. The Four Generations - I'm Not Comming Back
5. The Flares - I Found Out
6. The Invaders - Why I'm Not The One
7. The Apostles - While I'm Away
8. The Menaces - Till I Met You
9. The Niteriders - Whatever's Right
10. The Outerlimits - Begin Your Crying
11. Colony - Things On My Mind
12. The Missing Links - They Say You Lie
13. Donnie - Your No Good
14. The Grand Prees - No Time To Lose
15. The Daytrippers - You Cheated
16. Aggregation - Candle Stick Stomp
17. The Esquires - She's My Woman
18. The Serfmen - A Man Can't Live Without Love
19. The Young Executives - Come On In Baby
20. Shandells Inc. - Say What I Mean
21. The Velours - She's My Girl
22. The Teddy Boys - It's You
23. The Leather Payges - The News Is Out
24. Gaunga Dins - Rebbecca Rodife
25. Jerry Raye - I Cry

Wyld Sydes Volume 3


Wyld Sydes Vol. 4

1. The Poverty V - Cry Cry Cry
2. The Riptides - She Set Me Free
3. The Sas-Shades - Walk In Loneliness
4. Does It Really Matter - Today
5. Five More - She Cares
6. The Advantes - Done It Again
7. Razors Edge - Get Yourself Together
8. Randy & The Holidays - Living Doll
9. The Long Island Sounds - Lucky Guys
10. The Ultimates - Little Girl
11. Tony & The Bandits (Oh No) I Can't Lose
12. The Savages - The Best Thing You Ever Had
13. Randy & The Rainbows - Forget Her Tomorrow
14. The Shy Guys - Lay It On The Line
15. Sound of The 7th Son - I Told A Lie
16. The Royalites - Dance Time
17. The Mystery Group - High Society
18. The Kinetics - Little Girl
19. Ronnie King & The Passions - Girl Break Away
20. Sue Patrick & The Nomads - You Found A New Love
21. The Kinetics - Put Your Lovin' On me
22. Tony & The Vizitors - Saturday's Son
23. The Rainmakers - My Home Town Girl
24. The Untouchables - Don't Go I'm Beggin'
25. The Rustics - Look At me

Wyld Sydes Volume 4


Wyld Sydes Vol. 5

1. Mike & The Dimensions - Why
2. The Minitmen - Rollin' In Money
3. Nova Local - Other Girls
4. The Rouges - Anything You Say
5. Jimmy Gilbert - Believe What I Say
6. The Cannons - Days Go By
7. The Daze Ends - What Can I Do
8. The Spectres - I Cried
9. The Newberry IV - That's Wht Im A Rolling Stone
10. The Nomads - Time Remains
11. Research 1-6-12 - I Don't Walk There No More
12. The Brotherly Lovers - Was A Lie
13. Head & The Hares - One Against The World
14. Leo & The Prophets - Parking Meter
15. The Lazy Eggs - I'm A Clown
16. The Nite Walkers - Sticks & Stones
17. The Villagers - You Can't Stay
18. The Misty Blues - I Feel No Pain
19. The Classmen - Any Old Time
20. The Kan Dells - That's All I Want
21. The Classics - I Don't Wanna Be Around
22. The Fogcutters - Castin' My Spell
23. The Fugitives - What Made You Blue
24. The Wild Things - I'll Taste Your Lips
25. The Jesters IV - Bye Bye Bye (So Long)

Wyld Sydes Volume 5


mamananananana.. more

more Modey Lemon? here, take it:

[Mute records cover]


[Birdman records cover]

I think it's an upgrade.



Here's some forgotten sixties garage/psych you didn't even know you missed:

1 The Sound Sandwich - Apothecary Dream
2 The Second Helping - Let Me In
3 The Leathercoated Minds - Psychotic Reaction
4 The Wailers - I Don't Want To Follow You
5 Gypsy Trips - Ain't It Hard
6 The Second Helping - Hard Times
7 The Leathercoated Minds - Eight Miles High
8 The Second Helping - On Friday
9 The Sound Sandwich - Tow Away
10 The Shindogs - Who Do You Think You Are
11 The Second Helping - Floating Downstream On An Inflatable Rubber Raft
12 The Sound Sandwich - Zig Zag News
13 The Leathercoated Minds - Non-Stop
14 Sunday Servants - I'm Puttin' You On
15 Sunday Servants - Who Do You Love
16 Roger Tillison - Nobody's Lover


bands soon to become you're own personal 'classics' in no time


Rewind 1

Some favorites of this past year, before the year-end lists are oh-so-carefully calculated in your mind, check out what you may have missed (or are already weighing in!):

The Low Budgets- Leave Us A Loan


Philadelphia natives, The Low Budgets, are goofy as hell (if you've seen the short film starring them you know what I mean), and they don't give a shit... actually that can really just be attributed to coming from Philadelphia, haha. Led by the lead singer of The Dead Milkmen, the band churns out quirked punk rock anthems that remain catchy regardless of the crazy lyrics. It's a treat.

Marnie Stern- In Advance of the Broken Arm


This album got really blogged-out, but I am mentioning it yet again because it really is that awesome. If you can't get behind any other track on the album, "Every Single Line Means Something" probably stands out for me as a top ten single for the year, most definitely. Clearly influenced by Hella, Marnie Stern's impressive instrumentals and feminine chiming, soaring yelps, and sometimes appropriate monotone, all layered in a very exact formula with each track, have almost a futuristic nature about them. The experimental nature of this album casts the future of music as bouncing drums, just "as your breath catches up from where you began". Let's not forget mind-numbing guitar soloing.

The Rakes- Ten New Messages


Probably the most 'indie' selection I made in this set, and granted The Rakes most certainly dove to a slightly softer sound, the foundation constructed with Capture and Realease still remains-- the friendly guitar and drum pairing, the drum still playing upbeat and catchy rhythyms, reminiscent still of old songs like "Retreat" or "We Are All Animals", the guitar, however, creating the slow and romantic new theme they've set for themselves. They give up on the romance for a bit in a couple tracks, and ended up either having tracks that either could have been intended for the last album, or just created tracks going back to where they started with "Trouble" and "Suspicious Eyes". Either way, I'll have them, power drums or heartstrings pulling.

The Willowz- Chautauqua


I don't really think The Willowz are ever gonna get the following they deserve. At the very least, here on the East coast, which would be their fault anyway for not touring here and being so impartial to their West coast homeland. In any case, they're a very good band, and with their sixth album stretch their legs and remove the garage punk element instilling more rock'n'roll fervor, will a bit of extra roll. They went a lil more blues and country than they have in the past, which is a transformation I would totally expect from a band, in terms of creative evolution, in their sixth album, and not feel cheeated at all. I won't say I don't miss the garage punk Willowz, and they haven't made so many strokes I can't see the underlying picture ("Nobody" sounds a bit more Talk in Circles). Once again, I am embracing change. This is refreshing, haha. I'll be sure to post about this band again sometime soon.

expect more 'rewinds' as we come closer to the end of the year.

Big Bang

first post of december! woooo

Modey Lemon

I was reminded of this Pittsburgh band while listening to the Lord Grunge (of Grand Buffet) podcast I got off of itunes (if you're a fan of the amazing rock rap band by the name of Grand Buffet, the podcast is called "The Grungeman Speaketh" and the podcast are dated for like... 2005 or something, they're enjoyable). Modey Blues are probably the best rock band to come out of Pittsburgh, and even I would say "best anything" originally, but I'm earning a mild respect for Pittsburgh everyday when I listen to acts like Grand Buffet or Modey Lemon. Along with being a personal favorite of mine, they're also probably the most successful alternative band from Pittsburgh and have been developing a following quickly, having toured with Dinosaur Jr. in 2002 on their reunion tour. I don't have much recent knowledge of this band, but having the opportunity to listen to them for practically all of yesterday (might repeat this behavior today), I remembered how awesome the s/t is and how I needed to up it. Modey Lemon's self-titled is not the only good album by this band, but what I felt was the best introduction to them, comparisons that could be made... I guess I am most reminded of The White Stripes, although they are much more unbridled in spirit and slightly less bluesy.


Re-up: Clap Along With The Dynamite Brothers-