Shake, Rattle & Roll

I bring you a bunch of stuff hopefully something new for you in the batch.

First up the Jacuzzi Boys. Theyre currently touring with KK & BBQ and are making a stop here in Philly. Too bad I wont be able to go. Sucks. Finally R5 puts together a great show lineup and Ill be missing it.

Dreamy, brooding garage rock from Florida, casting their lot with roughly tuneless vocals but bringing "Island Ave." up on some early Echo & the Bunnymen shit, aware of how hard they can rock but keeping things breezy and direct instead. Only "You Should Know" steps it up a bit, but I like these guys when they're going slower – they seem to have a really good handle on how they want to sound, and it's a welcome model to have around, youthful and cool. - Dusted Mag

Florida rocks again.

Jacuzzi Boys - Island Ave 7'' + Ghost Ghost 7''

Most who have visted the blog already know of this band so I wont really talk about them.
"a personality out of the ordinary, inducing the Duet towards a Wild Trash Duel ,with melodies on a razor's edge, and towards the punctuated provocation of disposals Fuzz, abrasive riffs, the rythm of Looch « Set up It » Vibrato ,articulated by the powerful, minimal drums and enchanting beat' from Aggy Sonora." - myspace page

The Magnetix - Magnetix

The Magnetix - Flash 10''

King Custer & The Magnetix - Just Me... My Pleasure And I

Another band you guys are familiar with or should be. I just felt like throwing it in the mix. Its the Japanese garage punkers Teengenerate.
"Greasier than the Ramones, more youthful than the Pagans, Teengenerate blaze with a nearly hardcore fury but it always sounds like a party, even at their wildest. - allmusic

Teengenerate - Get Action!