Camisa De Fuerza

One of my new years resolution is to post more music. Here's my first of what I hope will be many more.

First up is an Arf!Arf! Cd sampler entitled Garageaholic, Psychedelic, Outsider Music. Includes a bunch a music for all you garageaholics out there from fuzzed out tracks like Blue Music Box by The Changin Tymes, to moody classics such as Without You by The Kings Ransom. The last 6 tracks of the comp will have you thinking wtf. The outsider portion of the sampler includes the strange sounds of James "Rebel" O'Leary , look up his music videos to get a real sense of this guy. The comp concludes with a power pop track by Route 28.

Garageaholic, Psychedelic, Outsider Music

Now for a preview of what is to come. My upcoming posts will include Latin American bands. I decided to start of with possibly the best one of all Los Saicos, we all know they're story well maybe. 1964 a bunch of guys start a band called Los Sadicos (The Sadists). However their name would often go censored, they deleted the D and went with the English pronunciation of psychos thus creating Los Saicos. They created the wildest most raw lo-fi garage rock of their time, only comparable to bands like The Sonics. However they were located all the way in Peru far from the garage rock and surf of the states or the British rock sounds of the time. They released but six singles and they they were gone.
Los Saicos - Saicos


A Christmas Gift For You

Phil Spector and Friends- A Christmas Gift For You

A Christmas classic!
Darlene Love, The Crystals, The Ronettes, and more!


Shake, Rattle & Roll

I bring you a bunch of stuff hopefully something new for you in the batch.

First up the Jacuzzi Boys. Theyre currently touring with KK & BBQ and are making a stop here in Philly. Too bad I wont be able to go. Sucks. Finally R5 puts together a great show lineup and Ill be missing it.

Dreamy, brooding garage rock from Florida, casting their lot with roughly tuneless vocals but bringing "Island Ave." up on some early Echo & the Bunnymen shit, aware of how hard they can rock but keeping things breezy and direct instead. Only "You Should Know" steps it up a bit, but I like these guys when they're going slower – they seem to have a really good handle on how they want to sound, and it's a welcome model to have around, youthful and cool. - Dusted Mag

Florida rocks again.

Jacuzzi Boys - Island Ave 7'' + Ghost Ghost 7''

Most who have visted the blog already know of this band so I wont really talk about them.
"a personality out of the ordinary, inducing the Duet towards a Wild Trash Duel ,with melodies on a razor's edge, and towards the punctuated provocation of disposals Fuzz, abrasive riffs, the rythm of Looch « Set up It » Vibrato ,articulated by the powerful, minimal drums and enchanting beat' from Aggy Sonora." - myspace page

The Magnetix - Magnetix

The Magnetix - Flash 10''

King Custer & The Magnetix - Just Me... My Pleasure And I

Another band you guys are familiar with or should be. I just felt like throwing it in the mix. Its the Japanese garage punkers Teengenerate.
"Greasier than the Ramones, more youthful than the Pagans, Teengenerate blaze with a nearly hardcore fury but it always sounds like a party, even at their wildest. - allmusic

Teengenerate - Get Action!



Well its been over 2 months since ive uploaded anything to the blog. Blame it on lack of comments on the posts, on gyro1966 and his imense collection of garage comps being placed up at TWILIGHTZONE! (Im still several months behind on those), but most of all blame it on laziness. Anyways here are three great bands you guys should check out. Ill try to continue and update as much as possible.

Its great that after several years of great this band final release an offical LP. While they cleaned up their sound a bit for this album there garage-pop trashiness is still evident in all the tracks.

The Okmoniks - Party Fever!!!

This band name has been mentioned on nearly every indie and garage blog, magazine, and website. After watching them live I can see why.
"Within seconds of hearing their seductive three-part girl group vocal harmonies lushly interwoven with chest-pounding rhythms of beautiful feedback, it's obvious that their songs are hard to resist, especially if you find yourself keen on the mid-80s noise pop conglomerate of Jesus & Mary Chain, The Vaselines, Black Tambourine, and Shop Assistants. The echo-filled songs resonate with such sweetness and provocative noise, that it culminates into a wall of beautiful vocals interplayed with a simple yet timeless beat that will have no problem crossing over genre lines and warming up to virtually anyone with an ounce of good taste." - in the red

Vivian Girls - Vivian Girls

Another great band; Black Time. I had no idea this band existed until a few weeks ago. I got to see them live and I can tell you that Ive been missing out. They opened up for Vivian Girls, but they could have easily been the headliners. If anything they held back because of it. Keep an eye for their new album Double Negative

Black Time - Blackout


The Supreme Genius Of...

...King Khan & The Shrines shall be appreciated from afar

Oddly enough this is a Vice Records release. It contains 16 tracks most which were previously available. But, unless you have been able to collect all three releases by this band as well as the overseas EPs you'll find something new on this record. Enjoy.

EDIT: Have to take it down, folks, sorry. You can take our review, however, that it would be a very awesome purchase!



Muxtapes Are For Lovers

check it


psst... guess what?

Season of Sweets (2008)

they're at it again.


Suicide Summer

Well unlike my partner here I have been listening to a lot of music.. just been extremely lazy in posting it up. Not that I dont have time just been plain lazy. But heres a treat for all of you. I got a request for Headache City, for all of you who have heard of them I'm sure you'd agree that they're awsome. If you havnt well go right ahead and have youself a listen...

Headache City is a newish Windy City underground supergroup of sorts features featuring legendary Texas punk guitarist Dave Head of The Motards, his former White-Outs bandmate Mike Fitzpatrick, Lisa Roe of Cococoma, and Shit Sandwich Records CEO Norah Utley. Don’t let the name fool ya – no headache’s here – their music goes down smooth and you’ll wake up tomorrow just fine. - new york night train

Headache City - Headache City

Hey, Hey The Kids Wanna Say..

I too have not posted in quite some time, blame it on the weather! Not listening to loads of music these days, either, but I've finally found something to obsess over besides The Kills/Cheap Time.. (and Grand Ole Party).. TINY MASTERS OF TODAY!
The mini band consists of brother and sister Ivan and Ada, ages fourteen and twelve. Songs are pleasantly gritty and reminiscent of simple punk, sometimes garage songs, "Tooty Frooty" a definite signature piece for such a tribute. The supertiny duo has managed to garner tons of friends in their extremely short career-- Russell Simins of Jon Spencer Blues Explosion has played for the band and also lends drums to the band's debut Bang Bang Boom Cake. Other collaborations involve Kimya Dawson of The Moldy Peaches, Fred Schieder of The B-52's, Angelo Spencer, DJ Atsushi Numata, Gibby Haynes of Butthole Surfers, as well as Karen O and Nick Zinner of Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Karen O also directed the music video for their new single "Hologram World"


Tiny Masters Of Today- Bang Bang Boom Cake (2007)


Cheap Time

A highly recommended band for any one into garage, powerpop, indie... doesnt matter really, just listen to it.

Upon first listen to Cheap Time’s self-titled debut on In the Red, one could be forgiven for thinking it nothing more than a good, albeit fairly ordinary garage punk record. It’s young, loud and snotty; it’s hook-filled and succinct. You get the idea. Don’t be hasty though: not only does Cheap Time pay dividends in terms of basic enjoyment with each listen, main man Jeff Novak’s skills as a songwriter and his obvious love of underground punk shine through as well.

Employing a stripped-down lineup and working within the inherently limited genre that is garage punk, Novak is still able to come up with a markedly diverse and varied set. The songs on Cheap Time run between just over a minute to just under two and a half, with finale “Trip to the Zoo” coming in at a baroque three-minutes plus. Yet everything from power pop and twee to art rock and glam can be heard (sometimes in the course of one song). Cheap Time is all over the map, while still remaining a totally fun and cohesive album.

....This is a rock record first and foremost, so just remember to play the fucker loud. The rest is all there if you want it. - Dusted Mag

Cheap Time - Cheap Time


...is back

Well after a short break from this we're finally back with some goodies. Here you all go some Jay Reatard stuff! Enjoy.
PS Don't forget to leave your comments :)
Hammer I Miss You 7''
I Know A Place 7''Jay Reatard & Boston Chinks - Split 7''
Night Of Broken Glass 12''
See Saw 7''
Jay Reatard EPs


Busy Signals

Ive been pretty busy lately so havent had to much time for the blog. School lets out soon so expect a lot more in about a month or so. Well Ill leave you guys with this for now.

This Chicago-based quintet clearly believes in the notion that "old punk is best punk," and for a bunch of young whippersnappers, they roar through a set of tunes in the 1977 manner with as much snot, firepower, and élan as you could hope for. The Busy Signals are a long, long way from reinventing the wheel on their self-titled debut, but they know how rock & roll works and lay it out with skill and confidence. Lead singer Analucia (no last names for this bunch) shows a healthy portion of Chrissie Hynde-style attitude and equally impressive vocal chops, while Kevin and Eric both deliver top-shelf guitar firepower without getting in one another's path. The rhythm section keeps things fast and lean (the album zips by in less than 24 minutes) and drives these tunes like the proverbial Airmobile; "Matter of Time," "Plastic Girl," or "Stereo" would have sounded pretty swell on any random Sire Records LP released between 1977 and 1979. Blast from the past? Not quite, but The Busy Signals sure get the first part of that equation right. - amg

The Busy Signals - The Busy Signals


Earthshakers, Yeah!

Ever tire of listening to your roommates or neighbors playing crappy indie punk and classic rock junk, well I got the perfect record for you and them........

If ever there was an album that ought to have "Light Fuse, Run Away" printed on the label, it's We Told You Not to Cross Us, the debut long-player from Columbia, MO's the Revelators. A power trio with better things to do than look for a bass player, hard-wailing vocalist Jeremiah, guitar mangler Schooley, and drum punisher Mark come roaring out of the box with "Ain't Got a Thing," a raging slice of blues-punk that sounds like an unholy cross between Howlin' Wolf and Black Flag, and the album never lets up for the next half hour. If the band occasionally downshifts into lower gear, it's usually a matter of going from 110 mph to 95 (like on the swaggering "Just Fine" or the ill-tempered "Ain't That Hatin' You Baby"), and on the album's one bona fide slow song, "Hillbilly Wolf," the boys show that they can reign themselves in without losing a drop of their intensity. But while these guys run fast and hit hard enough to impress the most jaded punk purist, the deep blues and country influences of their Southern heritage are never far from the forefront, and while "These Callused Hands" never got them a gig at Farm Aid, as an anthem for the independent farmer I'll take it over anything John Mellencamp ever put on plastic (The Revelators are the only punk band I know of who scheduled their tours around the planting and harvesting seasons on their family's farms — really!). We Told You Not to Cross Us makes it clear the Revelators are that rare example of a "roots rock" band whose roots run deep and whose rock is hard, fast, and frantic. Hear it and be amazed. - AMG

The Revelators - We Told You Not To Cross Us...


The End And Everything After

More pop inspired selections this time 'round:

"Johnny Foreigner hails from Birmingham, England, where the trio first honed its blend of noisy co-ed vocals and rambunctious, syncopated chord structures in 2005. The following year saw the release of the band's first single, "Sometimes, In The Bullring"/"Camp Kelly Calm," which sold out in two months and received airplay from BBC Radio, London Live, and XFM. Johnny Foreigner had garnered enough attention by 2007 to ink a contract with Best Before Records, and bandmates Alexei, Junior, and Kelly retired to London to record the Arcs Across the City EP. A full-length album was recorded in New York later that year, with the 7" single "Our Bipolar Friends" being issued in March 2008 to drum up support for the record's upcoming release." -AMG

Grabbed this off a friend from the UK, it probably would have been a long time since I would recognize them myself, or maybe having heard the single first, have been completely turned off. "Our Bipolar Friends" which is not on this ep, and which has also since been dulled down a bit and not nearly as great sounding as the original track i linked (wma format, fyi). Hopefully they don't continue to decline, because they energy of this band is fantastic, and if they do, let this post hold posterity (haha). "Our Bipolar Friends" sounds like BARR joined Matt and Kim, without the sillyness. Expect rhythm and speed.

Johnny Foreigner- Arcs Across The City EP



The Ordinary Boys - Maybe Someday

The Ordinary Boys- Maybe Someday CD Single

I found this while cleaning out my iTunes, and felt I needed to accompany the post. I remember buying this as a used CD at Tower Records I believe, sometime before their shut down. Also from England, The Ordinary boys debuted with this single, kinda post-punk, bit more pop. I sort of have this knack for picking out random CDs and enjoying them a whole lot... but that's another story. The Ordinary Boys apparently peaked in 2004, and no one knows what's happened since.


"...sounds like 2008"

Hey guys, I haven't posted anything in a while, too busy sorting through the crap-pile of 2008 music releases thus far (although R.E.M. did leak today)...but after listening to Midnight Boom, new album from The Kills for maybe the one hundred and twenty first time, and reading a recent interview with the band in Nylon magazine, I can say I still have faith in 2008.

Let me just say that this is the first album I have ever listened to from the Kills, but I am DYING to hear more. To brief the interview and to explain why this band that started out with major White Stripes comparisons to producing something like this-- Jamie Hince and Alison Mosshart travelled to Mexico and everywhere else under the sun to collect thoughts for lyrics, each coming up with their own ideas: Jamie's riddled with hip-hop beats and Alison working with an acoustic guitar and four track. The mash-up is fantastic, and a lot of the tracks still maintain a pretty original rock sound, an album that "...sounds like 2008" says Mosshart. My favorite track is probably "Tape Song", I hope everyone loves this as much as I do.



Party Time Machine

I completly missed out on this record in 2007, I hadn't even heard of the Coconut Coolouts until a few weeks ago when I heard their song on the garagepunk podcast, Killed by Porn. I'd definitely put this up there with the best of '07.
Couldn't find a review that best suited them. So don't let the comparison to The B-52s fool you, these guys rock.

Blasting out party punk with dancey elements is always a difficult trick. Do it right, and you’ve got the best garage band ever (at least that’s what your friends will say). Do it wrong, and the album is straight to the closeout bin. Basically, you’re either somewhere in the vein of the Cramps or B-52s , or you’re the Vines. Coconut Coolouts seem to worship at the feet of Fred Schneider and Lux Interior. The guitar awesomness and title of “32 Wives” seems to cast a glance the way of “52 Girls,” while “(Please Don’t Break Me Out Of) Party Jail” and it’s “I never thought that I’d have fun behind bars” intro is pure camp that either Fred or Lux would die for.

We’re doing all right with Party Time Machine, which is (as the title suggests) a party time record. When you throw your party, putting on a record such as this is priority one after stocking the tiki bar and getting the torches lit. It’s disposable, but worth listening to while you get hammered on rum drinks and witty banter. Big dumb fun with ’60s organ doesn’t come around all that often in a categorically cool fashion, so it’s nice to hear a record that - while not exactly plumbing the depths of the human psyche - manages to be more than just three chords and a scream.(Rock Star Journalist)

The Coconut Coolouts - Party Time Machine


Disco Always Sucked

One of the best Pennsylvania garage bands, in fact one of the best ever.

Formed in McKeesport, PA, a small town near Pittsburgh, the Swamp Rats released a handful of garage rock singles in 1966-1967 that got some local airplay and sales, but never broke out into national visibility. At their most scorching, those singles were in some ways a little ahead of their time, linking the fury of mid-'60s garage rock with the heavier, fuzzier, more over the top and crazed pre-metal rock of late-'60s bands like the MC5 and the Stooges. Their attack was dense and almost bludgeoning, paced by some particularly bulging-eyed, throat-rending scream-singing, usually with Bob Hocko on lead vocals. Although they were skilled at imbuing garage band standards like "Louie Louie" and "Hey Joe" with individual stamps, a big part of their failure to make a larger impact was likely their shortage of original material, with covers comprising most of the songs they recorded. At least most of those covers were hardly run of the mill in either selection or execution, particularly an overhaul of "Psycho" that might have been even more intense than the Sonics' original, though they did occasionally tone down for quieter stuff, as on their version of the Beatles' "Here, There and Everywhere." - (AMG)

The Swamps Rats - Disco Still Sucks


Mercy Beat

One of the oddest records to emerge from the early 80s American DIY musical phenomenon has got to be the 7" single by Omaha, Nebraska's Better Beatles. Their bizarre versions of "Penny Lane" and "I'm Down" seem to have come crawling out of the Twilight Zone of recorded music's endless possibilities during the golden age of home recording.
With one of the most myopic band 'visions' ever done without a joke at the center of it, The Better Beatles had the balls to disassemble the lofty songwriting of the seemingly untouchable Beatles, albeit in one of the most atonal and melodically regressive ways conceivable, not counting the Residents. Aside from the genuinely disinterested female vocal delivery and almost No-Wave deadpan lyrics recited over the mind-numbing non-Beatles synthesizer and drum backtrack, their music is an entirely different beast that's destined to either immediately draw you in, or alienate you altogether. Personally, I've never been a huge fan of the 'Fab Four' any more than the casual song here or there that hasn't been played to death on classic rock radio, but the Better Beatles' take on the formula works surprisingly well, and still seems interesting even twenty seven years after its ungodly conception. For a band that only really existed for about 12 weeks, the future of the Better Beatles wasn't really expected to be long or even slightly bright, and with a limited amount of potential song material, it all culminated like a quick blast of good times with no real careerist-type expectations to get in the way of the fun. The music itself rubs up against the obnoxiously circus-soaked sound of Geza X, combined with subdued minimal noises from a more sedated Atari 2600 video game selection. The extra session tracks like "Hello Goodbye" are so deranged and head-turning, that it's unmistakably unique, and most definitely worth your time to check out. (Todd Killings - Victim of Time)

The Better Beatles - Mercy Beat



Though there already IS a double-vinyl comp on the Australian Corduroy label, released three years ago, in an attempt to keep up with the times (which The Thanes ARE capable of, as proven with last years "Downbeat & folked up album) a shiny little, CD retrospective was tooooooo long overdue! Now this is an essential purchase, either if you?re among the ones, who got cought up in the band's web of fuzz'n'jangle after the mentioned latest release, or if you're a long time fan, longing for a portable, pocket-sized thing, that you can easily carry on your Thanesounds-spreading mission. Anyway, if you're a fan of any of the musical aspects of the mid sixties, there's no way you won't find something for you here. If it's melodic beat pop that you're after, try the jangly Farfi-sized moods of "Before I go", "Wonder if …", inspired by wonder Who, "Gone away girl","Days go slowly by", "Girls" or "Please don't go", where I'm not really sure if it's just the title that it has in common with The Eyes tune. Similar description goes to the equally jangly, but slightly folkier sounds of the-hit-that-could've-been "World of stone", "Lost and found or "Hey girl (Look what you've done)", there's also some Diddley-ridden pop of "I?ll rest", thrown in for the good measure and even some pure back-to-basics 'Stoned r'n'b of "She's a robber". Another one of The Thanes usual sides is the snotty Dutch-inspired freakbeat, like heard in "Antenna susprise", "Static", "Lazy bones", "That's the story of our life" or one of the highlights, "It can never be".
A perfect way to "evolve your CD collection with the Rev-Ola-utionary release by Scotland's No.2 band. - Popism

Make that Scotland's number 1 band. I was fortunate enough to see them at last years Cavestomp and they really blew me away.

The Thanes - Evolver P1 P2



Undusting some bones; While Aerovons have a great Brit psych pop sound comparable to The Beatles, Definition will transition you into a folk pop sound, then alas, Satya Sai Maitreya Kali with some low psych that also leans toward folk.


Aerovons- Resurrection [Import] w. UK Bonus tracks


Chrysalis- Definition


Satya Sai Maitreya Kali- Apache - Soundtrack from Yosemite, dedicated to Jimi Hendrix + Inca



Run Wolf Run

First post of 2008. What better way to start of the year than with Guitar Wolf?
Well here you go, in what could be their best release to date. Their 1994 studio debut, Run Wolf Run.

Guitar Wolf - Run Wolf Run