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My formal introduction will have to wait, for all my uploads are not quite ready yet :(
this band is really really awesome though!!!


Kinda wish I was talking about these dynamite brothers:

but i somehow doubt the soundtrack to this movie is as awesome as the debut, and so far, the only release, by the rock/soul/blues/funk group The Dynamite Brothers:

Track listing
1. Bus Stop
2. I Can't Win Pt. 2
3. My Lover
4. Sleepwalkin' Again
5. Tellin' Stories
6. Sunday 12am
7. One Way Blues
8. Raw Dawggin' Again
9. Judgement Day
10. Pins In My Doll
11. No You Didn't
12. Crazy
13. Sack O' Locks


Now, the influences listed on their myspace, are pretty dead on; and I find myself finding this more and more odd how essential myspace has been to the music world because without this myspace, this tiny page of information found through google search [google=internet god], a random, bumbling stranger would have no look into this wonderful wonderful band. This album sounds like Minutemen started making more songs that were like "Corona" but even more awesome, then listened to a load of Archie Bell and The Drells, and then hosted a bonfire party, where everyone got high and slowed down, then sped up, then slowed some more, then finally mellowed the hell out. It's a party where you wake up the next day and go: shit, that was an awesome party.
It's also pretty surprising to me that their album can be bought for a measly dollar on ebay. For shame!

<3 for Chapel Hill, North Carolina, she who nuture our soft, and harvest our strong.


Girls With Guitars

You can never go wrong with girls or guitars. Find them together in this comp.

Girls With Guitars

Rock+Stegosaurus+Tokyo= Godzilla?

hey, it's someone newww.
I'm gonna be posting alongside Jon, and I know he's got the garagepunkrock thing going on, which I am also all about, but my goal here will be to overlap him in a way, because there are not many reccomendations I can make in that genre that Jon would not already have covered well. I promise everything I like is enjoyable (feel free to add me). I'll try to use mediafire everytime, but I run into uploading problems with them a lot. So begins the dawn of THE SUPER BLOG, and although we're not going to overtake and destroy Tokyo, we're still going to have quite a bit of fun while... drinking tea? surfing the interweb? listening to music on 'the iPod'? meh, do whatever. My goal will always be to post something you most likely have not heard yet. fair enough?

I know I started out this post with the exicitement and possibility of some great J-rock artists-- but i did not intend to globe-trot quite that far. Instead, here are three great European artists, all mainly pop rock:


It's Never Been Like That

This is actually the most Phoenix has ever leaned toward 'pop rock', you might have heard tracks from their previous releases many a-time in movies "Run Run Run", or maybe "Too Young". A favorite of mine, "Love For Granted" from the album Alphabetical was played recently on HBO's Tell Me You Love Me, my new favorite television show, and whoever selects the songs for those episodes is a total genius. But this album was a big step up for a band usually associated with acts like Air and Daft Punk: "In fact, it takes until the fourth song, "Long Distance Call," for anything resembling a dancefloor beat to appear, and when it does it feels like an epilogue to the wonderful "If I Ever Feel Better" off the group's debut record. The band has definitely learned a thing or two through its evolution, placing more of an emphasis on guitar than before (Laurent Brancowitz and Christian Mazzalai sound as if they've been in the woodshed studying the chops of Johnny Marr and the twin-guitar attack of the Strokes' last few records)"- AMG

I could not find their recent performance at a new york city urban outfitters hosted by Nylon magazine (for free!!), but i did find this video, and it's somewhat funny.
don't get too harsh over the lip syncing-- theyre cute, alright? The backstory on this band is that they officially formed after a gig by The Libertines, where three of the chicks met their bassist. They have songs in both French and English, and sing without being snobbish in either regard. the album is definitely a 'grower'.



They Think They Are The Robocop Kraus

I agree with this description fully, so that's what im gonna go with: "The eclectic post-punk-inspired sound of the Robocop Kraus features Thomas Lang (vocals/guitar), Matthias Wendl (guitar), Tobias Helmlinger (bass), Markus Steckert (organ/keyboards), and Hans Christian Fuss (drums). The indie rock quintet is a cross between the arty, angular structure of Gang of Four and Echo & the Bunnymen and the new-millennium dance wave à la Bloc Party and Art Brut."- AMG
80s style pop punk dance funk to the nth degree. They have been a band for what seems a long time, but I first discovered the Robocop Kraus at a show where they opened for Art Brut and Gil Mantera's Party Dream, which I can honestly admit was the best show I have ever been to in my life. Weeks later I ran across the "You Don't Have to Shout" music video On Demand, and recalled the night Thomas Lang dashed into the crowd time and time again to dance with us (he dances exactly the same as he does in that music video), and when he hugged you (i had the pleasure of experiencing this also), you felt really good and happy not just about being there, or seeing that band, but happy about music and loving it. Before I get completely corny over it, grab the album.

And if you have any news of this band from 2007, other than the album they've been attempting to release for three years, call me!

EDIT-- found it! if anyone really likes them, i can up that too


Black & White

Found this a while back, probably blogged to death my now but putting it up anyways. Havnt heard it all the way through, but from what I did hear, they arnt the same band they used to be.

The Hives - The Black and White Album


Scream Loud!!

The cover pretty much says it all. Every great 60s garage band from Michigan is on here, The Quests, The Jujus, Tonto & The Renegades, Aardvarks, The Jades and so on and so on....

Disc I
Disc II



a little early maybe, but these are my picks for best albums of the year

The Black Lips, people thought that their move to Vice would make them sellout and play hipster indie music, lucky for us they didnt. Though the sound isnt as trashie as their other albums it's still a decent album with some of their best songs.

From the first time I heard this album I knew it was the best of the year. King Khan is amazing! We all know his work with King Khan & BBQ Show, from the split album with the Dirtbombs to his early work with bands like Les Sexareenos and Spaceshits, but this time around I believe he surpassed them all. Well KK & BBQ are pretty damn good, but this if fucken amazing.

King Khan & His Shrines - What Is?