Some more EPs this time:
--The Jet Set - garage/powerpop band from Illinois, I'm not sure if these guys are still around.
--Demolition Doll Rods - their debut 7''
--The Horrors(UK) - a lot people don't seem to give this band enough credit, they're not that bad, their album wasnt amazing but the EPs version of Jack The Ripper is much better than the one on their album and the demo track Full Moon is pretty good too
--Ape City R&B - A raunchy punk duo with cheap equipment, little or no talent, and an uncontrollable love for rock. so they must be great!
--2 Star Tabernacle - this is the only studio recording there ever did I think

The Jet Set - Lets Get Broken 7''

Demolition Doll Rods - We're The Doll Rods 7''

The Horrors (UK) - Sheena Is A Parasite EP

Ape City R&B - She's Candy Coated 7''

2 Star Tabernacle feat. Andre Williams - Ramblin Man 7''


Anonymous said...

wow - not one bad post until now!
keep up your good work!
ape city r&b rule - but their best song (No. 1 Phantom Killer) isn´t on this ep!!!

Anonymous said...

The Ape City 7" made me smile. It just gets better the louder I play it. I cannot BELIEVE how much great music you have posted. You've introduced me to some killer bands. I had to go out tonight and find as many Dirtbombs CDs as I could. Thanks for all your efforts!