The End And Everything After

More pop inspired selections this time 'round:

"Johnny Foreigner hails from Birmingham, England, where the trio first honed its blend of noisy co-ed vocals and rambunctious, syncopated chord structures in 2005. The following year saw the release of the band's first single, "Sometimes, In The Bullring"/"Camp Kelly Calm," which sold out in two months and received airplay from BBC Radio, London Live, and XFM. Johnny Foreigner had garnered enough attention by 2007 to ink a contract with Best Before Records, and bandmates Alexei, Junior, and Kelly retired to London to record the Arcs Across the City EP. A full-length album was recorded in New York later that year, with the 7" single "Our Bipolar Friends" being issued in March 2008 to drum up support for the record's upcoming release." -AMG

Grabbed this off a friend from the UK, it probably would have been a long time since I would recognize them myself, or maybe having heard the single first, have been completely turned off. "Our Bipolar Friends" which is not on this ep, and which has also since been dulled down a bit and not nearly as great sounding as the original track i linked (wma format, fyi). Hopefully they don't continue to decline, because they energy of this band is fantastic, and if they do, let this post hold posterity (haha). "Our Bipolar Friends" sounds like BARR joined Matt and Kim, without the sillyness. Expect rhythm and speed.

Johnny Foreigner- Arcs Across The City EP



The Ordinary Boys - Maybe Someday

The Ordinary Boys- Maybe Someday CD Single

I found this while cleaning out my iTunes, and felt I needed to accompany the post. I remember buying this as a used CD at Tower Records I believe, sometime before their shut down. Also from England, The Ordinary boys debuted with this single, kinda post-punk, bit more pop. I sort of have this knack for picking out random CDs and enjoying them a whole lot... but that's another story. The Ordinary Boys apparently peaked in 2004, and no one knows what's happened since.

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