...is back

Well after a short break from this we're finally back with some goodies. Here you all go some Jay Reatard stuff! Enjoy.
PS Don't forget to leave your comments :)
Hammer I Miss You 7''
I Know A Place 7''Jay Reatard & Boston Chinks - Split 7''
Night Of Broken Glass 12''
See Saw 7''
Jay Reatard EPs


Trustar said...

Good to see you back up Jon.

Hope you gots lots of learnin' done.


Jon. said...

hey thanks a lot for the comment tulstar.
yea i got some learning done. im glad its over for now. nothing but summer fun until august now :)

ShortWaveRockin said...

hell yea

ive been look for a couple of these


Anonymous said...

*Jay Reatard - Blood Demos 7" (Stained Circles, 2008)


*Jay Reatard / Deerhunter - Fluorescent Grey / Oh It's Such A Shame 7" [Matador, 2008]


*Jay Reatard - Always Wanting More / You Mean Nothing To Me 7" [Matador, 2008]


*Jay Reatard - Painted Shut + An Ugly Death 7" [Matador, 2008]


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