Shake, Rattle & Roll

I bring you a bunch of stuff hopefully something new for you in the batch.

First up the Jacuzzi Boys. Theyre currently touring with KK & BBQ and are making a stop here in Philly. Too bad I wont be able to go. Sucks. Finally R5 puts together a great show lineup and Ill be missing it.

Dreamy, brooding garage rock from Florida, casting their lot with roughly tuneless vocals but bringing "Island Ave." up on some early Echo & the Bunnymen shit, aware of how hard they can rock but keeping things breezy and direct instead. Only "You Should Know" steps it up a bit, but I like these guys when they're going slower – they seem to have a really good handle on how they want to sound, and it's a welcome model to have around, youthful and cool. - Dusted Mag

Florida rocks again.

Jacuzzi Boys - Island Ave 7'' + Ghost Ghost 7''

Most who have visted the blog already know of this band so I wont really talk about them.
"a personality out of the ordinary, inducing the Duet towards a Wild Trash Duel ,with melodies on a razor's edge, and towards the punctuated provocation of disposals Fuzz, abrasive riffs, the rythm of Looch « Set up It » Vibrato ,articulated by the powerful, minimal drums and enchanting beat' from Aggy Sonora." - myspace page

The Magnetix - Magnetix

The Magnetix - Flash 10''

King Custer & The Magnetix - Just Me... My Pleasure And I

Another band you guys are familiar with or should be. I just felt like throwing it in the mix. Its the Japanese garage punkers Teengenerate.
"Greasier than the Ramones, more youthful than the Pagans, Teengenerate blaze with a nearly hardcore fury but it always sounds like a party, even at their wildest. - allmusic

Teengenerate - Get Action!


Oh, robot said...

Hey, I'm glad to see you dudes back on the scene!
I've heard of these Jacuzzi Boys, but tonight I will hear them because of you...which means that if I like it...I'll go out and buy their records. Blogs rule! The world goes full circle.

Leon said...

Teengenerate. They rule. You are good people.

ArtF said...

great stuff guys. keep it up!

gabriella said...

hey hi, jon -
sorry i never told you about my blogging endeavors, i originally started it for parents and relatives. writing emails drives me crazy.
post some more music, man!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic post!!!!

Anonymous said...

I never heard them but I fucking love the Jacuzzi Boys!!! I'm going to buy whatever ever I can find from them this week (along with the new Ludella Black &the Masonics record)
Real glad your back...Blogs do indeed rule!
Midnight Creep

shortwaverockin said...

teengenerate rocks

Anonymous said...

Fuckyeah!!!Jacuzzi boys are fantastic...just made my year end best of because of you...thanks

Sergio said...

Magnetix - Positively Negative [2008.], Born Bad Records BB016