From The Kitchen Sink

Born in the early 80's they were one of the most important bands of Brithish rock'n'roll sound, even one of the best british bands. They are one of the first bands who made a sound nowdays we called psychobilly. Their sound mixed rock'n'roll and garage and that make it really savage. Founded in Crouch End (north of UK) they were sticking and alive from 1981 to 1987 touring all along Europe. The members of the band changed in those years but the spirit and writer of almost all the songs was Alec Palao.

"Dinosaurs", their debut album, caught the Stingrays crossing a bridge most other bands would have fallen off, poised between styles that would take them a while to reconcile.

As the time passes the Stingrays changed and their sound turned less savage(you will notice it if you hear their last album). At the end of the life of the band Alec played with the Go-Betweens and the Pogues, getting turned on to folk rock. In 1988 when the band was already disolved an ex-member , Charity Case , created a band called Minux and Alec finished playing in The Sneetches, a band whose sound remember the 60's. From the other members of the band we don't know anything.

During the six years that they were playing edited five albums, six singles and appeared in lot of compilations albums, but if you want to know what's the meaning of savage R'n'R try with their compilation album "the essential stingrays". (wrekingpit)

"The Stingrays ruled. You should all go buy whatever Stingrays records that you can find. There is a CD retrospective called "From The Kitchen Sink" that is quite awesome. Do not be fooled by the other shitty bands that have called themselves The Stingrays. Only one of them ruled."(Carl-Matablog)

The Sting-Rays:
On Self Destruct EP
From The Kitchen Sink


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I've already got the "From The Kitchen Sink" CD but not the other 2. Thanks a lot !


Il Metius said...

One of the best band comin' out of Britain in the 80s, along with the Milkshakes and the Prisoners... Thank you for sharin' these jewels!