Desperate Rock n Roll

Decided to throw these in the mix. For all those that weren't lucky enough to pick up the entire 20+ volumes or so from Twilightzone way back when. I was not, I found these later and they only go up to 10 and it seems like a mixture between the CD and LP versions.. I don't really know. Throughout the next few days I'll by uploading those 10. Its an amazing set. Enjoy

1. Mel Smith - Pretty Plaid Skirt
2. Deacon & The Rock 'n' Rollers - I Don't Wanna Leave
3. Eddie Daniels - Hurry Baby
4. Terry Dunavan - Rockin' At School
5. Jackson Toombs - Kiss-A Me Quick
6. Tony Sheppard - Zach
7. Johnny Watson - I'm Not Crazy
8. Piano Red - Big Rock Joe
9. Bobby Louis - Adult Western
10. Ted Reynolds - Louise
11. Deacon & The Rock 'n' Rollers - Rockin' On The Moon
12. Terry Dunavan - Rockin' On Mars
13. Casey Grams - Countdown
14. Nelson Young - Rock Old Sputnick
15. Don Winters - Pretty Moon
16. Eddie Daniels - Hug Me, Kiss Me
17. Doc Starkes - Love Me Like Crazy
18. The Tempest - Rockin' Rochester
19. George Darry - Southern Twist
20. Cousin Herbert Henson - Lose My Mind
21. Danny Ross - Go Baby
22. Chavis Bros. - So Tired
23. Screamin' Joe Neal - Rock 'n' Roll Deacon
24. Tom & The Craftsmen - The Work Song
25. Donnie Nix - Ain't About To Go Home
26. Alabama Kid - Rockin' Jalopy
27. Johnny Candles - Johnny B. Goode
28. Hamptones - Turkey Hop
29. Butch Paulson - Man From Mars
30. Readymen - Shortnin' Bread

Desperate Rock'N'Roll Vol. 1

If the rest of the volumes (Vol. 11 and so on) are available somewhere please share. thanx


garychching said...

NIce blog by the way

garychching said...

Hi I have up to 18, and I think thats all there was. Give me some time and I will get them to you, and then please feel free to post.

starcakeastrology.blogspot.com said...

great lineup

Jon. said...

hey up to 18 awesome

Anonymous said...

This site is AWESOME!!! Thanks alot for sharing. Steve

Anonymous said...

20 volumes in this set. Some are pretty good some are pretty meh.

Anonymous said...

Why have you changed the artwork on some volumes?
It's a shame! The sleeves are part of the charm of that fantastic series.

icki said...

Thanks for uploading these. I got them when they came out on vinyl -- got the box set version -- but it's great to have them in a more mobile format.