a little early maybe, but these are my picks for best albums of the year

The Black Lips, people thought that their move to Vice would make them sellout and play hipster indie music, lucky for us they didnt. Though the sound isnt as trashie as their other albums it's still a decent album with some of their best songs.

From the first time I heard this album I knew it was the best of the year. King Khan is amazing! We all know his work with King Khan & BBQ Show, from the split album with the Dirtbombs to his early work with bands like Les Sexareenos and Spaceshits, but this time around I believe he surpassed them all. Well KK & BBQ are pretty damn good, but this if fucken amazing.

King Khan & His Shrines - What Is?


Anonymous said...

I could not agree with you more. These are two of the best bands going right now, and they nailed it with these albums. KK is especially killer. thanks for all of the awesome albums, keep it up. This is easily my favorite site in all of blog land.

Trustar said...

Looks like Mediafire is in a snit with you today.

With that great buildup I'm now sad (8(>

Hope you can repost to another site.

Thanks Jon


Jon. said...


Joao said...

hey.. congrats on your blog.
found it while on a search 4 a black lips gig description, as they're coming to play a gig in november, near Lisbon. i've been hearing their stuff 4 some time and now it'll be a great chance to see them life.
take care

Jeff said...

thanks so much for the uploads and the great site. I really wanna buy this Black Lips album but I dont think its on vinyl and I really dont want to support Vice.

ivan said...

Fuzzy, dirty and noisy. Keep on diggin'

music weasel said...

thanks for the cool stuff u post!! I need to update mine.