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Modey Lemon

I was reminded of this Pittsburgh band while listening to the Lord Grunge (of Grand Buffet) podcast I got off of itunes (if you're a fan of the amazing rock rap band by the name of Grand Buffet, the podcast is called "The Grungeman Speaketh" and the podcast are dated for like... 2005 or something, they're enjoyable). Modey Blues are probably the best rock band to come out of Pittsburgh, and even I would say "best anything" originally, but I'm earning a mild respect for Pittsburgh everyday when I listen to acts like Grand Buffet or Modey Lemon. Along with being a personal favorite of mine, they're also probably the most successful alternative band from Pittsburgh and have been developing a following quickly, having toured with Dinosaur Jr. in 2002 on their reunion tour. I don't have much recent knowledge of this band, but having the opportunity to listen to them for practically all of yesterday (might repeat this behavior today), I remembered how awesome the s/t is and how I needed to up it. Modey Lemon's self-titled is not the only good album by this band, but what I felt was the best introduction to them, comparisons that could be made... I guess I am most reminded of The White Stripes, although they are much more unbridled in spirit and slightly less bluesy.


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