Muxtapes Are For Lovers

check it


psst... guess what?

Season of Sweets (2008)

they're at it again.


iamnothing45 said...

loving your muxtape.. espicially the grand ole party. great blog as well. thanks for all the hard work!!

mmmKay said...

Hey, thanks for the comment! I'll try to update the muxtape site weekly, I figure it's an easy way to preview uploads without going ahead and downloading or just sharing random songs we like that week.

If you're interested in that grand ole party, that is a track from their
Daytrotter Session
. I love that website in general, many great artist recordings/interviews.

I do have their album, but it lacks the unique sound they only achieve through live performance, it's a little boring to listen to, but maybe I'll include it in a post one of these days.