Suicide Summer

Well unlike my partner here I have been listening to a lot of music.. just been extremely lazy in posting it up. Not that I dont have time just been plain lazy. But heres a treat for all of you. I got a request for Headache City, for all of you who have heard of them I'm sure you'd agree that they're awsome. If you havnt well go right ahead and have youself a listen...

Headache City is a newish Windy City underground supergroup of sorts features featuring legendary Texas punk guitarist Dave Head of The Motards, his former White-Outs bandmate Mike Fitzpatrick, Lisa Roe of Cococoma, and Shit Sandwich Records CEO Norah Utley. Don’t let the name fool ya – no headache’s here – their music goes down smooth and you’ll wake up tomorrow just fine. - new york night train

Headache City - Headache City


NIck said...

Thank you! Can't wait to hear this! Their new 7" is flat-out brilliant also.

Juxeboxwhore said...

Sooo Good.