1. The Chentelles - Be My Queen
2. Little Willie & The Adolescents - Get Out Of My Life
3. Ken & The Fourth Dimension - See If I Care
4. Me & Them Guys - I Loved Her So
5. The Interns - I've Got Something To Say
6. The Intruders Five - Ain't Commin' Back
7. The Monacles - I Can't Win
8. The Lil' Boys Blue - I'm Not There
9. Jerry & The Others - Don't Cry To Me
10. The Fugitives - You Can't Blame That On Me
11. The Raunch Hands - Tiger Guitars
12. Willie The Wild One - Willie The Wild One
13. Murphy & The Mob - Born Loser
14. The Mods - You Got Another Thing Commin'
15. Sir Winston & The Commons
16. The Royal Flairs - Suicide
17.The Montells - You Can't Make Me

Back From The Grave Vol. 3


brandonio said...

thanks for this dude, my friend had a couple of these volumes back when these came out. this stuff is real garage rock , some totally sloppy. if my memory serves me right there are some really cool slabs of snotty garage.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all those BFTG post - I always wanted to hear those recordings.
Sadly it seems that tracks 5 + 9 of this Volume (#3) are corrupt. Maybe you could repost this one - would be great.


Walser said...

Please could you re-up this file again.

Anonymous said...

Back when these came out, I picked this one up first. Solid, beginning to end, full of real primal teenage garage. No fluffy over-produced crap. I quickly located the rest of the series and anxiously awaited new volumes. Great job.

Steven K said...

Love this stuff! Thanks much!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, not a member but I wanted to thank you for all of this wonderful stuff and I have a question.
Why are these wonderful compilations encoded at 96 Kbs?

Seems a shame to ruin the stuff with such a horrible sample rate.