The final BFTG volume.
Vol. 8

1. Groop - Alright!
2. The Benders - Can't Tame Me
3. Adrian Lloyd - Lorna
4. The Niteriders - With Friends Like You, Who Needs Friends
5. The Chancellors - On Tour
6. The Pseudos - A Long Way To Nowhere
7. The Bojax - Go Ahead And Go
8. The Wyld - Goin' Places
9. Elite U.F.O - Now Who's Good Enough
10. Painted Ship - And She Said Yes
11. Merlynn Tree - Look In Your Mirror
12. Dave Myers & The Disciples - C'mon Love
13. Pulsating Heartbeats - Talkin' About You
14. The Cindells - Don't Bring Me Down
15. James T & The Workers - That Is All
16. Outspoken Blues - Not Right Now
17. Painted Ship - I Told Those Little White Lies
18. Piece Kor - All I Want Is My Baby

Back From The Grave Vol. 8 (1)

1. The Cavedwellers - Run Around
2. The Village Outcast - The Girl I Used To Love
3. New Fugitives - That's Queer
4. The Dave Starky Five - Hey Everybody
5. The Tikis - We're On The Move
6. The Amberjacks - Hey Eriq!
7. The Nightcrawlers - Want Me
8. The Dagenites - I Don't Want To Try It Again
9. The Dogs - Don't Try And Help Me
10. The Dry Grins - She's A Drag
11. New Fugitives - She's My Baby
12. Merlynn Tree - How To Win Friends
13. Just Too Much - She Gives Me Time
14. Satan's Chyldren - Don't Go
15. The Ascendors - I Won't Be Home
16. The Ravenz - Just Like I Want Her
17. The Dark Horsemen - You Lied
18. Sonics Inc. - Diddy Wah Diddy

Back From The Grave Vol. 8 (2)


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Hey man- awesome site
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Oi, Mate! Yes, a great site. Great taste in music. Thanks for your efforts!

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Really a great Blog ! Thank You !
First album from Pebbles is great !!!

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downloaded the whole bftg-series. now it's gonna take over my mp3-player. thank you so much. and kk IS the album of the year.

Walser said...

Very goog blog, please re-up this file again.

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Sorry to sound repetitive, but this is more good stuff! Thanks so much!


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Thx so much not just for these incredible Back To The Grave comps, but for the entire blog !

You have amazing taste in garage punk my friend !