My favorite volume from the greatest 60s garage compilation series.

1. The Shames - My World Is Upside Down
2. Long John & The Silvermen - Heart Filled With Love
3. The Keggs - Girl
4. The Beaux Jens -She Was Mine
5. The Shames - Special Ones
6. The Savoys - Can It Be
7. The Ascots - So Good
8. The Barracudas - Baby Get Lost
9. The Golden Catalinas - Varsity Club Song
10. Billy & The Kids - Say You Love Me
11. The Shandels - Carolina
12. The Shandels - Mary Mary
13. The Abandoned - Come On Mary
14. The Treytones - Nonymous
15. The Bryds - Your Lies
16. The Werps - Love's A Fire
17. The Trojans of Evol - Through The Night

Back From The Grave Vol. 6


Gyro1966 said...

It's THE BRYDS, not The Byrds. This 45 sells for $500 to $800 or more, it's definately not cheap, and it's not The Byrds. It's: THE BRYDS.

Jon. said...

haha yea typo, i seem to have offended you or something sorry?

alex said...

Hey, thanks for these uploads! Non stop stomp Party!

Walser said...

Hello,and this file is error.
Please could you re-up this again.

jonnyboy said...

nice blog, thanks man